Nickname: Ojisanjake

Real name: Jake

Age: 53

Website: Ipernity

Town/nation: Shimonohara, Japan

Spoken languages: English, German, Navajo.

Passable French and Japanese.


Q. Tell us something about you and photography

A. I first used a camera and darkroom as a young art student in 1970. In 74 I bought a camera (Pentax K1000), but sold it a few years later. It bothered me that everywhere I went I looked for things to photograph. I found that a great intrusion, so quit taking photos until a couple of years ago. I did teach digital photography for a while 20 years ago.


Q. What are your preferred subjects and techniques?

A. I make slideshows of snapshots I take when visiting somewhere new. My subjects are whatever my eyes are attracted to, though I think its true to say that I tend to “see” paintings everywhere! As an artist I was heavily influenced by Op Art, geometric abstraction, Constructivism, and so on.
My technique is “point and shoot”. I take a lot of photos, very quickly, with as little thinking as possible. I am less concerned with making individual images, rather the sequence is more important for me. Unfortunately very few people have the time to view my work as a slideshow, which is a shame.


Q. Are you a professional photographer?

A. I get paid a little for providing photos for websites, but basically amateur.

Q. What's your equipment?

A. I have just one camera, a Sony Cybershot dhsc15. it’s a good point and shoot camera. The only software I use is an 8-year old version of Corel Photopaint. I’m a cheap, low-tech kind of guy!!

Q. When and where you started sharing your shots?

A. As an artist I have always “shared” my work!….. I joined flickr 3 years ago, but that was just to share specialist images with a small group. I started making contacts and joining groups about 1 year ago.

Q. Three preferred shots of yours?

A. Rather than “shots” I give links to slideshows.

Q. The three preferred photographers or bloggers on Ipernity (so I can interview them: it isn't a contest ;-) )

A.Just to underscore that ipernity is not just photos….

James Rye (UK), a well written and thoughtful blog (good photos too)

Courambel (France) makes some interesting videos. (good photos too)

Joe (Germany) has some great music. (good photos too)

Q. What are the features you'd like to see implemented/improved on Ipernity?

A. I would like the slideshow function improved. I have to say that flickr’s slideshow is excellent.

I would like the ability to re-order the albums AND streams.

Thank you very much, Jake; I'm still curious about your link with Navajos: materials for a new post?

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