Nickname: Seelview

Real name: Silviu

Age: 21


Town/nation: Bucharest / Romania

Spoken languages: Romanian, English, French (read well, speak not so well) and Spanish (very very little)


Q. Tell us something about you and photography

A. There is actually no history, it's all a hobby, and I shot whatever comes in my way.


Q. What are your preferred subjects and techniques?

A. I don't have a fixed subject, I shot... everything, in general what i see, and in very few times I organise the subject.


Q. Are you a professional photographer?

A. Amateur off course :) I am a graphical designer, I make websites, posters, magazines, many things.


Q. What's your equipment?

A. Canon Powershot S3 IS and Photoshop CS3


Q. When and where you started sharing your shots?

A. It was just after i took my camera, in June 2006, and it was on Flickr.


Q. Three preferred shots of yours?



Q. The three preferred photographers or bloggers on Ipernity (so I can interview them: it isn't a contest ;-) )


[op]drie (Netherlands),

Juan E. (Spain),

Gina P. (Germany).

Q. What are the features you'd like to see implemented/improved on Ipernity?

A. The most important for me is the Application Programming Interface (API) , because I want to export my Ipernity photos to my website (like I was doing with flickr).
Another cool feature would be to see if someone has marked you as a friend / family / both.

Thank you very much, Silviu; nice to meet you

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