Nickname: Ying


Spoken languages: Chinese, English, Japanese


Q. Tell us something about you and photography

A. I started photography only about 2 years ago. I have never thought in my life I can do photography, but since the day I started shooting stuff on the street, I could not stop taking pictures of people.


Q. What are your preferred subjects and techniques?

A. I only use one camera, one lens, which makes very simple of my street photography because I can completely master just one way to shoot. That is wide angle look.. After shooting on the street for a while, I can start previsualize my shots when I see the moment.


Q. Are you a professional photographer?

A. I just started out to get some small projects lately. So I am aiming to be a photojournalist or editoral photography for magazines.

Q. What's your equipment?

A. I use Nikon D100, the lens I have is is 18mm-70m f4.5. I use photoshop CS2

Q. When and where you started sharing your shots?

A. I started using flickr about one year ago. now I shared some of work here in ipernity

Q. Three preferred shots of yours?


Q. The three preferred photographers or bloggers on Ipernity (so I can interview them: it isn't a contest ;-) )

A. I have not got a lot chances to take a look at ipernity yet, so I do have a lot great photographers I knew through flickr. They are wonderful and inspirational

Q. What are the features you'd like to see implemented/improved on Ipernity?

A. I don't know it is the problem I have or not.. loading this website takes a lot time.

Ni hao, Ying and thank you very much for sharing part of your world with us!


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