What is GreaseMonkey ? A Mozilla Firefox extension.

What are GM scripts? Are scripts permitting to modify a webpage appearence and functionality.

What is Ipernity Refer Comment? It is a GM scripts that keeps trace of where you come from. Every time you enter a page with a comment box, the comment box is automagically filled with the HTML code informing of where you came from and with a backlink.


WARNING: I'd like to have a single version, even because this functionality will be perhaps integrated in Ipernity's interface. So, if you want it modified some way (with the name of your group or something similar), please drop me a line. I'm studying the way to make it automatically, but a lot of groups haven't a web alias defined, so they are identified by numbers and I think saying 'Coming from the 24xxx group...' isn't a good service.

EDIT: in version 0.6 I added the group name resolution for groups with over 100 members; this is obtained hardcoding group informations inside the script code and so it is error prone. I searched for all the groups with more than 100 members: quantity doesn't mean quality, but it's impossible to hardcode the names of the over 1000 Ipernity groups. I tried to be precise in including all the bigger groups, but if you find some missing group, let me know and I will include it in the next release.

PLEASE: notify me of every error or request; having only a single version of the script is vital to its evolution

NOTE: I found a little bug. When you come from your home page how seen by other users, there is a parameter and your name comes with "?rev=xx" appended; this will be corrected in version 0.9.

You can download it here: www.consulentionline.org/Ipernity-Add-referer-into-comments.php

List of resolved groups:

  • Weekend Walk Wonderz
  • Germany
  • Macro
  • i-Central
  • Geometric Abstracts
  • Night Shots
  • the Absurd
  • Bokeh
  • Less is More
  • Ipernity Groups Directory
  • Best of the Week
  • B&W
  • Black and White
  • Crazy Faces
  • asymetrix
  • Manipulated reality
  • Metropolis
  • Flowerotica
  • me, myself and I
  • Strong colors
  • Art libre...
  • selfportraits
  • Architecture
  • Portrait
  • Travel Photo Forum (added in 0.7)
  • Catchy Colours (added in 0.7)
  • Landscape (added in 0.7)
  • fog, dust, mist... (added in 0.7)
  • Graffiti (added in 0.7)
  • Animal Photos (added in 0.7)
  • Red! (added in 0.7)
  • Candid Street Photography (added in 0.7)
  • Ipernity meetings (added in 0.7)
  • Flowers (added in 0.7)
  • Take a look! (added in 0.7)
  • Mono images (added in 0.8)
  • Sky is creative, I'm not (added in 0.8)
  • Time for Experiments (added in 0.8)
  • into the woods (added in 0.8)
  • Girls - An Ode to Female Beauty (added in 0.8)
  • Blue! (added in 0.8)
  • Light (added in 0.8)

ADDED in 0.9:

  • B&W
  • Sony R1
  • Tree
  • Illusions
  • 4 Seasons - Spring
  • 4 Seasons - Summer
  • Illusions of Nature
  • 4 Seasons - Fall
  • 4 Seasons - Winter
  • Clouds
  • Backlighting
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Stone
  • Leaves
  • The Dark Side
  • One pic/One song
  • mpph
  • professional photographers
  • Another view of the world
  • chimney-roofs-walls
  • urban life
  • The Sky is the Limit
  • Reflection
  • Contemporary Abstracts
  • Photographes Super Amateurs
  • HDR
  • * most creative *
  • Unofficial Ipernity Ideas and Wish
  • Red!
  • Praise and Curse of the City
  • An Ocean of Blue
  • Sunrise - Sunset: