Weekly Picks #15 23-Dic-07

This week I had a little more time and, perusing the new RSS feeds, I gave a look to the past too. So let's enjoy this Special Christmas 9 shots selection:

"Portal to the Heavens!"
by Adrian Campbell
"Délire 3"
by Marie Youpi
"water explosion two"
by Mr Clicks
"The road to Hell"
by bigoode in the clouds
by franck *oO**
by weiss-lange
"clara hill's folkwaves: sideways"
by M. Mattingly
"You can't always get what you want .."
by Robin Banks
"Harlaw HDR"
by Scott Liddell



Weekly Picks #14 16-Dic-07

Another three photographers to add to this gallery, and fro the second week in a row, there is a photographer coming from Siena: after Pippina last week, this week we have Moty:

by moty66
"Eye View"
by SouthPaw
by Johnny Stompanato



Weekly Picks #13 09-Dic-07

ThIs week I'm very happy because, in the same company with two great already known photographer, I can add a shot from a friend, who's shots gets every day a little better. She was known for being a friendly girl, but now we're discovering Pippina for her great eye also:

"Ancient Stars"
by Pippina
by Ojisanjake
"MiLo II"
by Snapitup



Weekly Picks #12 02-Dic-07

Three great artists I love are my choice for this week; it would be great if you take a look to their fantastic photostreams:

"mo nlight"
by be·mo·re
by Kees Smans
"IMG 5791"
by Jean François Mansencal



Weekly Picks #11 25-Nov-07

Lot of good shots went to Front Page, this week, and this is a little bit distracting from new searches. This week I was also captured by the fun of the MASSIMISE YOURSELF group, a little tribute to one of my preferred Ipernity artists, Massimo Tomasello. But I chose three shots this week too:

by Paprikaplains
"Last Day in Marrakesh6348"
by Ojisanjake
"Notre escale en zodiac.."
by bajy



Weekly Picks #10 18-Nov-07

Even this week, working on a lot of groups (and some of my friends made me the gift of being admin of invite only groups), I found lot of great shots and I had lot of fun taking part to duels on the Duel group. I had dozens of shots for this post, but I have to choose only three. These are my nominees:


by Iguana Jo
"70s Show"
by Amandine
by Aref Nammari


Weekly Picks #9 11-Nov-07

A very interesting week: I found lot of great shots and I had lot of fun taking part to duels on the Duel group: a great occasion to rediscover old shots and to stimulate new shots. In the mean time the WWWonder group reached the 200 members mark.

This week I already shown three magnificent shots and now I choose three shots from three of the most appreciated Ipernity's artists.


"Girl with white hair"
by manganite
by franck *oO**
"Focused :o)"
by Ragnheidur


Weekly Picks #8 04-Nov-07


Even this week I found plenty of great shots. A lot of them had the honour of being showcased on the Ipernity Front Page or in the Explore What's Hot. This time I decided to introduce you three great shots by three great but less known photographers (seelview also won our Best of the Week contest, this week). Even this week I invite you to take a look at their photostreams:

by Seelview
by andrewlee1967
"Morning Commuters"
by Mark Waldron


Weekly Picks #7 27-Oct-07


An extraordinary week with plenty of great shots. It was really embarassing to make a choice. So I was even guided by the friendship in choosing three shots from three great artists and friends.Even this week I invite you to take a look at their photostreams:

by Aref Nammari (goplayer)
"Textured Waves"
by Adrian Campfield
"cotton's club"
by SCAB...ange ou démon@


Weekly Picks #6 21-Oct-07


This week I had little time to devote to wanderings, but on Ipernity there is a great quantity of good shots; these are my choices for this week and all three come from artists that aren't already well known; so I invite you to take a look at their photostreams:

"schach" by Anne Seltmann"An old Russian clock"
by Pacomanolo
"hope" by Perle


Weekly Picks #5 14-Oct-07


Three of my preferred artists:

"dai131" by Ojisanjake"Father & Son" by Colpo di fulmine"Sous je ne sais... "
by Christine Lebrasseur


Weekly Picks #4 07-Oct-07


Very difficult to choose only three!

"Wind swept!" by Adrian Campfield"Bicycle Lane" by Carsten"home" by Massimo Tomasello


Weekly Picks #3 30-Sep-07


"angry cat" by Yeshim"Greenwich Foot Tunnel" by nib!"o-o" by mad.melon


Weekly Picks #2 23-Sep-07


"Blue" by tabu"mouth" by joe"Ops" by Ying


Weekly Picks #1 16-Sep-07

I think it's evident I love b/w:



"little girl's ..." by tabu"Untitled" by scratchy"wild boys" by elkal