OK -- so I've been uploading stuff to Ipernity for six months. And while I like the functionality of this website and how things look, the amount of views is miniscule compared to Flickr. Granted, Flickr is "inflating" their views somewhat - counting scrolling through photos as actual views. Nevertheless, still way more people over there -- or at least interested in the things that I'm interested in.

The handful of groups that I've created here at Ipernity is also gathering dust. When I go poking around for photos to invite, there are very few to choose from -- and mainly from photographers that are still doing double-duty at Flickr anyway like I am.

So, for now, I am going to stop uploading to Ipernity. If Flickr makes life substantially worse for people (which it just might!), maybe there will be a bigger exodus to Ipernity and a good chunk of my stuff will already be here.

My real focus and life's work is my website (RoadsideArchitecture.com). And then I have my blog to tend to when I'm traveling (roadsidenut.wordpress.com). That's enough for me! I'd rather sleep more or throw balls for the dogs more than spending time uploading photos here that hardly anybody looks at. You can find my Flickr photos here: www.flickr.com/photos/agilitynut/