I have copied all 8500 of my Flickr photos here and recreated my albums. I have started some groups like those that I started at Flickr. Click on my "groups" tab here at this page to see 'em -- signs, gas stations, mid-century buildings, etc. I look forward to your contributions!

I will still be duplicating these photos at Flickr since some of my fave contacts are still there and the pool of viewers there is much larger. I love the look, speed, and organization here at Ipernity. I really hope it catches on!

My website (RoadsideArchitecture.com) is my really big show. There are more than 2,000 pages there with about 60,000 photos and all kinds of info. What you'll find at Flickr and Ipernity is just a sampling of what you'll find there.

Oh, and there's also my blog (roadsidenut.wordpress.com/). I upload to the blog and to Flickr & Iperinity only nightly during roadtrips (my little rule). The blog photos are usually of "lesser" subjects that don't make it to the website. I cover the same sort of thing (buildings, signs, statues) but it's usually the more downtrodden stuff. Some people prefer my blog to my website. Some people only like looking at photos via Flickr or Ipernity. To each his own! I hope I offer you lots to discover and add to your must see / must shoot lists.