Hi folks, welcome to my little space!

I'm new here obviously, having just moved from Flickr. I set up an account on that site in October to share my photos from London 06 and all was fine and well until I went to upload my Dublin photos the other day...

"ATTN: You have reached the limits of a free account! Give us your money!"

Apparently you're only allowed 200 photos over there, something they certainly didn't make clear when I signed up - only that I could upload a certain amount of megabites per month. So anyway I thought "sod that", went looking for another place and found this.

Am liking it so far. I've been able to upload all the photos I originally intended to put on Flickr and there don't seem to be any unreasonable limitations. Hopefully it'll continue that way!

So with the photos comes my first ever blog. Never having been into MySpace or Bebo I haven't had cause to write one but now I have. All my photos currently up were taken with my old Samsung A6 which packed in the other day, so expect more photos soon from my brand spanking new, half price in the New Year sales, Argos discount, only-one-left-in-the-area, Panasonic Lumix camera. The joys!