Was a nice day. I went into the city with my sister and her boyfriend to take some pictures. My boyfriend told me he would come with me, but before I wanted to left, he remembered that his favorite soccer team played yesterday. So he wanted to stay home to see them. I was a bit angry, cause he promised to come with me, and I had to go alone to my sister, but I couldn't change it.

When I arrived at my sisters home, she looked like she just fell out off bed. (Actually I should have looked like this :D) And she was surprised to see me. I guess I was too early when I arrived at 2 pm :D

So we waited an hour until she ate, did make up and styling and was ready to go out.

We spent the day in the city, looking, laughing and taking pics. Half past 5 I decided to go home back to my bf. I didn't want to leave him alone, cause we didnt have a sunday without work for 2 weeks now.

I went home and when I opened the door he sat in the livingroom sad and angry. And you know why? The digital TV (where he wanted to watch soccer) didn't send, because they had technical problems. So he had to sit here alone, watching the videotext, like every other guy has to do, who does not have digital TV.

And he said "Well I should have come with you"

That was what I wanted to hear. Now he is sleeping because he has to get up in 2 hours. working again.. life is so unfair isnt it?