I am so happy to see a growing list of requests in my mailbox from friends & acquaintances made at Flickr. I hope you will all have patience with me as I slowly add you as I have decided not to import any of my address books from yahoo, google or FB! I am also hoping to discover brand new people that I didn't even know over at Flickr. If you have been a contact at Flickr & I haven't added you yet or you haven't sent me a message please go ahead & do so. I will slowly get through the list.
I am planning to add all new photos both at Flickr & ipernity for awhile & will only import some of my past photos at this point from Flickr. I may eventually add all past photos, but for now I want to take my time, and there are many photos in my iPhoto that have never made it to Flickr so I will also be uploading some new, old photos only here if that makes sense. While I love the large photos & detail over at Flickr, I find it too busy/messy when I open the page as I like a nice clean layout of photos so that they don't take away from one another. I also don't like the fact that Flickr just looks like another app now on my laptop. There are pluses & minuses at every site & it always takes time to get use to new formats, both when there is a change & also when at a brand new site. I must say though ipernity seems like an old friend & very easy to navigate. I only hope that ipernity hasn't been overwhelmed by so many of us jumping ship at Flickr. I am sure that ipernity is delighted though & it seems as if they welcome input & are very responsive to those that use their site.
I look forward to seeing everyone's photos here with plenty of "white space" to rest my eyes something that is very important to me.
I hope we have many shared years ahead of us at this site.