Welcome to all of you who have welcomed me, commented on my photos, made me an aquaintance, invited me to join or add to groups, etc., etc. I have enjoyed my first couple of weeks here, and if I don't have time to browse everyone's photos and comment upon them, please excuse me - I am too busy adding my own (for which I welcome comments and additional information, identification or verification).

New albums are being added somewhat organically, as and when needed, and a few new folders will appear in due course. Photos from the last few years have appeared, or will appear, when the mood takes me. I am mainly adding those from 2013, but older ones may appear at the same time.

I won't be adding anything else to flickr - my id on there is faversham 2009. At present I intend to make ipernity my main site, and do not intend to renew my subscription to flickr when it expires, though I may stay on there on the basic, free membership.

I've noticed that there are some suitable (for me) groups here, but many more needed. I've created a few, for which I would welcome members and photos, and I hope others will create some too.