My PC is dying. Two out of four of my drives have been erased by services.exe, I think. This virus or Microsoft error (can't tell which is which) leaves a calling card: "Windows Delayed Write Failed H(or any drive):\$MFT." This has happened before and it usually requires digging into the guts of my computer, removing the dead drives, reinstalling them, reformatting my drives, and reinstalling everything. *sigh - visualize small tear leaking from the corner of my right eye*

Why can't computers be like the plain old telephone. You simply use it. I have heard that Apple computers are easier to use, less likely to attract viruses and have just as many software applications as PCs. I've also heard that Linux is a good, if limited, operating system and also eliminates the Microsoft paranoia and daily bug fixes. Maybe I'll get a cell phone with a camera and simply upload photos vs. putting them on my PC.

Anyway, that's my rant-o-the-day! Thanks for listening.