Tried a new variation today. Ingredients:

- Salmon, about 7 ounces (200 grams)

- Thai Rice Noodles

- Handcut Fries from Spring Potatoes

- Yellow Squash

- Optional: Yellow Bell Pepper

- Ground Black Pepper

- Ground Sea Salt

- Thai Curry Relish

- Virgine Olive Oil

- Virgine Coconut Juice (13.5 ounces, 400 ml or more)

Spread the olive oil on a coated pan and put it on high temperature. Meanwhile, cut the potatoes in halves (longitudinally), cut again sideways, after that slice them thinly. Disperse spices (black pepper, sea salt) over them. In the meantime, have a bowl of water boil. Put the potatoes in the frying pan, put Thai Noodles in the boiling pot for no more than three minutes. Continue with slicing the yellow squash thinly. Spread black pepper and some salt (not too much of each) over it. When the fries are of a bronze color, add squash. Chill the noodles and put the cap on top of it, so they won't cool too fast. Roast the squash for a little while and in the meantime, slice salmon in stripes, about half an inch each (1 cm). Slide sideways once. Add to the frying pan. Fry all that at high temperature for no longer than a minute. Open a can of virgine coconut juice and add. Add about one or two teaspoons of Thai Curry and stir well with the rest.

At your preference, grind a little bit more of black pepper and sea salt (careful though! The salmon is pretty salty, Thai Curry is spicy, too - we don't want it to be too salty). Have it all simmer for another minute or two at medium temperature. Add some of the rice noodles and simmer another minute at most.

Cut the heat, open a bottle of dry white wine, get set, put a movie on and - enjoy! :-P