...degrees is what we saw today, wheatherwise. 85% is also the approximate amount of physical strength and well-being I'm back at. In that context: Thank you Sherry for continuously sending the healing vibes as well as Kenia for dedicating a regularly happening prayer session to me.

My health got considerably better with every day for the past few days and I could tell, how my body reclaimed strength and got functional again. I went for two short bike trips, but took it easy. I also went for a swim yesterday, but was careful not to swallow any water to avoid increasing the inflammation again. Today, I went for the checkup and I could tell the relief in the physician when seeing, how much I had improved. As a matter of fact, he even thinks I can do without the bigger surgery now, although he expressed his scepticism at the same time (well, I guess, conventional pyhsicians are just too caught up in that line of thinking, i.e. "it can't just get better without *me* doing anything" or something like that). In addition to the improvements in health, I am proud and relieved to say, that all this progress worked even without taking antibiotics or pain killers, as they would have considerably messed up my intestinal tract, which is a sensitive area and which I've been working on getting healthy for the past 3,5 years. My other doctor, who has been putting in a lot of effort in that regard had confirmed my fear of just annihilating all those accomplishments in one fell swoop, if I had taken antibiotics as well as painkillers. There wouldn't have been a way of doing a job I'm booked for by beginning of next week. So... you can imagine my despair last week and the amount of relief now! Again, thanks for sending the good thoughts my way.

On a totally different note: I was informed by the Managing Editor at Schmapp Guide a while ago that two of my images were selected for this year's edition. She now sent me another note, letting me know that those images will also appear in a special iPhone edition they just released. The images we're talking about are those two:

So, I'm now an "official" part of the iPhone ;-)