I am fortunate: It has been quite some time, since I remember having felt real pain. Today is one of those. By now, the pain has subsided a bit and the painkillers have kicked in. I went to get a little surgery performed on me today, which removed some blockage of my left salivary gland, which again is caused by a small stone. They cut the salivary duct open, hoping to be able to grab that little fucker, but it was too far in the back, so it didnd't come out. The surgery was performed under local anesthesia and the doctor told me, he was all the way back right into the salivary gland, but still couldn't get that stone to come loose (I was informerd of this prior to taking the surgery, so I was aware it might not yield a 100% result). In order to get there in the first place, he needed to cut his way to the "intersection" of the duct into the gland - or vice versa, whatever the medically correct description is.

I was brought into the operating theater at 2.20 pm and I remember the clock reading 3.05, when they removed the tissue that had been covering my face during surgery. I have had something done like that some 7 years ago, and I remember it to be far less stress- and painful - probably, since that stone was more to the front than this one. Anyway, when the anesthesia stopped working, I found myself in considerable pain, which I tried to beat with the pain killer and makeshift icepacks that I'm holding to  my face. And guess what: Of all days, today the phone rings with important business calls! Jesus Christ! I could have literally rotted away here in my appartment for at least some days, until someone would notice, but to-fucking-day they remember me? What the fuck!!

Well, given from the fact that I'm writing here and even found the strength to cuss, you can safely derive I'm a bit better by now. I even managed to eat a little soup for supper and keep it down (although it really hurts *every time* I swallow - never knew, you could get exhausted from eating ;-)). So anyways, I'm hoping for a quiet night and for most of the pain to be gone by tomorrow.

Hope, your evening was more enjoyable. ;-)

update: The night was the pits... if I had known, what I'd bring onto myself agreeing to this medical intrusion, I might have reconsidered... hoping, the worst is over.