As of late, I found my interest in all things linguistics being rekindled. I have made new biz contacts, which might turn into something of quite some scope. It's a little early to tell, but if my previous assessment of what we might be collaborating on stands the proof of scrutiny, it might become huge. I am actually thinking about finding ways of going back to university for a PhD. Don't know yet, whether and how that can work, but the thought came up. Turning onto the academic route again, might be the perfect opportunity to dust off some old knowledge from my graduate studies and acquire an augmented theoretical framework for this new collaboration. AND - it might even help me find my place in life and make me more comfortable with myself and in answering the question of where I belong.

What inspires me about it is the fact that I might actually be able to apply all my previous work and college experience on the subject. It'll be a tough call workwise and there'll be plenty of it (work), but it looks personally gratifying and financially rewarding in the long run. Hm... Guess, I'll have to do some more pondering.