OK, I'll give in: I'll be a working week slut, just like everybody else. The system has won, I'll abide and quit thinking, I'm special in any way. I'll punch the work hours Monday thru Friday, and run my errands from 7 thru 8, wash my car on weekends, pay my bills and taxes and butter up my ass Sunday night, so being taken advantage of won't hurt as much come Monday. Once I've adjusted to the routine, I'll be thinking of playing some well-payin' music on the weekends, so I can afford to go waterskiing and on vacation. And I'll get my brains fucked senseless by booze and worldly distractions of all kinds. Speaking of fucking: Should the opportunity arise, I'll get my willie waxed with no regrets. It's a deal - long live the system!

P.S. Before I forget: I'll be an asshole and it's gonna be a blast! I wanna see tears in a co-worker's face at least once a week and I'll memorize that for the weekend to get a kick out of it a second time.