I would like to express my thanks for all of you supporting my idea of collecting supportive voices on behalf of Jens Soering. I have had a lengthy phone call with one of his European-based supporters and she forwarded an email by his immediate US-supporters. Apparently, my initiative wasn't well received, neither by Jens' direct supporters nor his opponents.

Consider this initiative discontinued. I find it an extremely bitter pill to swallow that carefully honoring other people's views and openly discussing them and in doing so finding alternative views is not welcome in all parts of the world.

My concern over Jens' fate outweighs my personal feelings of disgust with this finding. After all, the idea was to help him, not the contrary. As I said above, this initiative - as far as blogging and publicly discussing it - is over. I will write a direct letter to him and ask, whether I can make myself useful in different ways.

Thanks again to my/his supporters. Unfortunately, the brickheads have won this round. For the sake of Jens Soering, let's hope they won't win "the finals".