Since my Soering post is no longer ranking at the top of What's Hot!, it's safe to post a follow up now to inform all of you, who have been supporting my idea of filing a petition for clemency on Jens Soering's behalf, on the status and my latest steps.

In addition to the blog I set up on, I have been doing the following:

- I sent an email to his lawyer, Ms. Gail Sterling Marshall, about 4 weeks ago. As I didn't receive a reply on my first message nor a reply asking for confirmation of receipt, I called Ms. Marshall about two weeks later to confirm receipt of my message. She did so and asked for a little more time, as it is difficult to get in touch with Mr. Soering. The phone call was about 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard of her since.

- I sent an email to Dr. Frieser, an attorney to the German law firm representing Mr. Soering and pushing for his deportation (it is a technical term, sorry for the unintended double meaning) to Germany. This was about 2 weeks ago. I haven't received a reply nor was I able to get hold of Dr. Frieser on the phone.

- I have filled in and submitted the petition form to Governor Kaine on Jens Soering's website, asking for clemency on the latter's behalf.

- I have been having substantial correspondence with a disagreeing party on the Soering-blog I set up and been able to strike a balance in terms of "let's agree on disagreeing on certain aspects". While this was a personally enriching experience in general, it was at the same time a little discouraging in terms of making progess in supporting Jens Soering. Another disagreeing party appeared on the blog section. Some further personal research has me believe that general public and professional opinion in the States is strongly to Mr. Soering's disadvantage. In short: They'd rather have him electrocuted in the first place, but seem to be determined to see him rotting in jail unto his death, because many people - including the Parole Board - believe him to be guilty. I have learnt that we cannot expect a great deal of clemency in the American public in cases of this nature, as capital crime seems to have become a part of life and people tend not to be as lenient toward murderers as - say - around here (as we don't see murders happening that often and seem to have a different position on restitution). Even the German Ambassador to the United States doesn't have much hope in Jens Soering being transferred to Germany.

- I have undergone some further personal research on the web in an attempt to gather more materials on the case, but with little success. This individual by the name of Alan, posting his take on Soering on the blog, alludes to a video of Soering's confession during trial, which doesn't seem to be available on Soering's own site, nor elsewhere. He makes it sound as if this video would be sufficient to convince anyone of Soering's ill-fated intentions and of him being the double-murderer of the Haysom sen. couple. I am literally dying to see that piece of footage to give me an idea of what Alan was talking about. But then - this would be a purely subjective and probably emotional reaction, which is not the basis of my initial conviction in him being innocent of the murders (while not being entirely innocent of at least accessory to murder in a way).

From the above I conclude that Soering's representatives apparently don't need or want help or both. I thought it to be a good thing to contribute a tiny bit to raising awareness on his fate, and I'll leave the blog up for some time to come. However, I guess I won't be making the effort of trying to get his legal representatives interested in involving myself beyond what I've done (or keep doing on the blog).

Let me take the opportunity to thank all of you, who have supported my little initiative here by placing comments galore and getting my blog post up to rank #1 on ipernity for some time. I appreciate it!