Wolfram, whom I haven't seen in quite while, suggested today we meet at "Lange Nacht der Museen" in Munich along with other friends of his and a colleague of a Brazilian airline he has been knowing for ten years. I suggested to Klaus to come meet us as well.

After some of the tension and distress I had to face last week as well as worrying over work and such, I figured I could treat myself to that and so I readily welcomed his idea and joined them tonight. It's an event, where all galleries and museums in Munich will remain open until 2 am, some with live music performances or other special acts and all of this - including public transport - coming at a flat fee of only 15,- EUR.

But the best part was Wolfram's huge knowledge on almost any topic there is pertaining to history, traditions, architecture, the arts... anything along the lines of fine art and a sophisticated, distinguished lifestyle. So it was a joy to a) be hanging out with friends in general, b) at such distinguished venues and c) enjoying clever conversation. If you had told me some 20 years ago that I'd be enjoying to hang out at museums, art places and the likes, I wouldn't have believed it. But now - and fortunately, if I might add - I have eventually come to appreciate cultural, scientific and historic achievements a lot more than I used to. I find it a great blessing to be given access to such fine sources of information and am glad that I can now embrace this.

Thanks guys for a nice evening!