This is one of the days, where it would have definitely been a lot better to stay in bed the entire day:

While having breakfast, the makeshift dental filling falls off, leaving me with a hole in my tooth that easily accommodates the tip of my little finger. So, no choice: Had to go back to the dentist and get it redone. Contrary to what I'm used to in his practice, there was a wait time of 45 minutes this time. Then the treatment, where he had to get another imprinted model of the affected tooth, because the one we had taken yesterday had broken. To sum it up: I don't get to leave there until about 90 minutes later - which is 90 minutes less left to do a job with a deadline for this afternoon.

After having run some quick errands - I'm already pissed as it is, so what's the big deal... - , I return home and get ready to go right at my work. Just to be sure, I run a quick check of my internal hard drive, being alerted by Sascha's post yesterday. What else is new? Of course, my disc needs fixing, too... At this point, I'm not making too much of that, yet, and reach for the DVD that got shipped with my MacBook Pro - only to find, it will mount, but not boot (and booting from DVD or another external disc is mandatory in order to fix the internal drive). So I turn on my backup drive, only to find it's not a bootable one. Copy some of its contents to a DVD, which I burn using the internal disc burner, but... the contents of what I copied don't fit on a single-layer recordable DVD. So I remove stuff in order to accommodate everything that's essential to booting from external DVD/disc. However - for reasons beyond me, the self-made disc won't register as bootable, either. As I'm running out of ideas at this point (and after having run all other tests available to me, like PRAM reset, power manager reset, holding this and that key on startup...) and on a more than tight schedule - have I mentioned all these measures have already taken well over an hour? - I call Apple's helpline. Regular procedure is: Wait loop for at least 10 minutes (on MY charge, of course...), then I first have to talk to an agent who idles around with me, apologizing for the wait time, complaining about his own system having gone down, bla-bla-bla, bottomline: I've been on the phone for about 20 minutes already without even having addressed my problem, yet, let alone heard any solution to it. (And did I say, we're talking EURos here ticking away per minute?)

I know, all our time is limited, so let me cut a long and beyond frustrating story short now: In total, I have been on the phone with their help line for 50 - that's right: FIFTY!!! - fucking minutes only to learn, that apparently my DVD/CD drive seems to have a hardware related malfunction, I'm supposed to turn in my machine at a service authorized dealer to get the internal DVD drive checked, and should he confirm a malfunction, they will replace the drive.

Does anyone care I make my living with that thing? I can't afford to have it gone for a week plus? I suggested sending me a replacement DVD instead, which I would have even paid for. Yeah, right, they could do that - at the insignificant amount of EUR 199,-...

Can you tell, I'm pissed beyond belief, ready to start a bloodfest with the next best guy in the street? Boy, how I hate being dependant on ignorant people and faulty gadgets... I think, 15 years in the IT business have well worn me out.. I'm seriously thinking of a new "career".... FUCK APPLE, FUCK THE OTHERS, TOO, FUCK ALL THIS IT-NONSENSE! I HATE MY JOB! I WANT A NEW LIFE!

Edit //Closure//: Fortunately, this episode found a good ending: After having consulted a service-authorized Apple Dealer, one who has been delivering very good service in the past and whom I've been working well with, I called their helpline again, today. There was barely any wait time, after I had told them the Case ID and they agreed to sending the correct DVD right away. So - there's hope. But I have to go ahead and purchase the extended warranty now - this little anecdote was a wakeup call...