No bragging, either, but it was another marvellous autumn day. Running errands after a short night (the latter getting me to my physical limits...) and then off to the lake to do another two or three laps. The water surface was like a mirror, so it couldn't have been any better. But I'm digressing.

After having enjoyed the open water, the sun, the company on the platform and the mere fact that I can go there and enjoy myself almost WHENever I can (really, I just mean to be grateful, not a show-off...), I spontaneously decided to go watch a movie in Starnberg. I decided for a piece by a local/regional director, who managed to land an unexpected summer box-office hit with "Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot" - meaning something like "The sooner you die, the longer you're dead". But the title doesn't do the story justice, much less its touching message and the simply incredible performance by the actors, most of them not even trained ones, but being cast off the street as it were. Anyways, the new movie is called "Beste Zeit"/ Best of Times and it transported exactly that kind of "Lebensgefuehl", where Lebensgefuehl denotes a feeling specific to a generation or a given phase of one's life. Ten minutes into the moving, tears started rolling down my face from laughing hard or crying with empathy - I consider my 8 "Eurobucks" well spent, that's how the movies should be and no less!


I'm aware that most of you will never get to see the film, as it will most likely not make the international stage for its dense local color and the story being tightly integrated with the area it takes place (funny enough, I recognized a lot of places where I've lived before, somewhere north of Munich, around the airport).

I can safely say, there hasn't been a movie that has ever moved me more than this one! For two reasons: a) The performances are simply incredible! b) Have I mentioned incredible? They're in-fucking-credible! And c) the movie made it apparent to me that I have missed out on an entire part of my life. Now, I am being told and have learnt to some degree to look at the bright side. Ok. So I'm doing it: I never wanna miss out on living another single second to the fullest! If it isn't that, I'll move on to the next experience.

And d): I realized that at this point in my life, I have no idea, where I'll be going - or if I'll be going anywhere for that matter. But for the first time, it doesn't scare the shit out of me. Quite the contrary: I see it as a privilege, a fine gift, a treasure. I don't know where I'll be going and it doesn't matter - as long as my heart is in it.


(What a shame the movie won't get translated and make it outside of Germany or German speaking countries...)