I chose this place to share some of my photography, the latter - amongst other reasons - being a tool of self-"medication"/healing. I do appreciate visitors coming by my stream for that, leaving comments of any kind pertaining to that, letting me know, when or whether they approve or disapprove of my images. If the latter, I'd appreciate you to give reasons, so I have a means of improving my skills.

I do NOT - read my lips - NOT approve of instrumentalizing my stream for anyone to gain information about me in addition to that primary purpose. In particular, I do not appreciate anyone, male or female, getting in touch with me for reasons of wanting to find out whether I'm "available". This includes in particular questions pertaining to

- my marital status

- whether or not I have family.

- whether or not I have a girl-friend, boyfriend, seeing someone or not

- whether or not I have a place to stay of my own

- what I do for a living, other than what I've indicated in my profile.

If a given visitor or contact of mine considers this platform as yet another dating-tool, I'd kindly ask you to remove yourself from my list of contacts and get lost. I mean it. Don't come back. And since some might have needed to know (and since I try to be polite as often as possible): NO, I'm not available at this point, the reasons of which are none of your business. Thanks for listening.