Tonight was a special night: It's been just a few weeks, since I first spotted him on YouTube:

Andy McKee, delivering a killer arrangement and performance of Toto's 80ies hit "Africa" with nothing else but six strings and ten fingers - I was blown away! Later that week, I barged into the little acoustic guitar and repairs shop just up the street from where I live to share my find with the owner. He just silently looks at me, ushers me towards his "marketing" desk and fishes for a sheet of paper, announcing a concert with that very guy along with his teacher and mentor Don Ross! Now - the timing (coincidence?) gave me the goose-flesh! But tonight, when listening to 2+ hours of pure genius and virtuosity, I couldn't help, but be at awe over those two music masters! Plus, Don Ross sang a song that almost had me in tears: Any Color But Blue - a haiku of art and sensitivity in a human being, the nearest thing to experiencing God while in the flesh! Allow yourself being inspired, elevated and uplifted by checking out those guys' art and clips on YouTube! What an evening! I've never seen or listened to anything like this!