June 1 Snow

Instructions (they make sense if you read the instructions as you do it-so maybe print it out to have on hand)

First, you have to be an Ipernity Club member - the option does not appear if you have not joined.
Next steps:
- open the photo you want to paste, and click on "more options" to the right of the photo;
- select "view all sizes", and choose the size you want;
- select "post this photo in a blog or external web page";
- then, choose the second option "Or to insert the photo use the following HTML code"
copy that html code and simply paste into the discussion or post. Truly easy peasy.

You will see success on my last photo in my stream.....I added a comment and inserted a photo.

Also, It's fun AND handy to change the layout of my page when I have added an article.
Normally, I prefer the layout with my photos in a single line, large size. To have that, you need to 'hide' the other options (they are not really hidden, they are simply on another page) which leaves only your photos in que. But today, to have this article on my front page I enabled (by clicking a few times on the article section when I went in to change the display) and now the photo stream is small an above the article. In a few days I will return my page to the single, large photo format and those that wish to read any of my articles will simply click the 'article' choice when they are at my page.

xo Rella