Gustov (mascot to the girls) GUSTOV IS A VERY WISE CHICK.

Several hundred of us flickr folks decided for one reason or another that the new format that they clobbered us over the head with was just NOT for us. We came here looking for something more familiar and maybe kinder on our eyes and brains. Whatever reason or reasons we have, we chose. And no one here said anything unkind about those that preferred to stay with flickr and tough it out....(they are more patient than I am by far)....I have not seen any silly photos here that pointed fun at the 'stayers' silly photos ........and for me what I really hope is that this is one clear...crystal clear thing that will set this venue here apart.

The breath of fresh air (to quote someone else) here, I pray stays just that way.
Kind, non judgmental, even encouraging...and just about dolls and things we might make for our dolls........and even sell in our little shops without any fear of reprisal or removal............... and mostly the fun we can have with each other.

xox Gustov via Rella