Page 10 on High Tea by Randal Spangler is now done. This also means that the 2nd row of pages is complete and it has ONLY taken me 5 years. I hope it doesn't take that long to do the next 2 rows. I would actually like to have it completed before then. Hope life would like to cooperate.

Prior to Christmas, I took this piece off the Q-Snaps to show it to a friend of mine as he inspired the name I have given the dragon. The name is Bob. (I know, not very creative, but I am creative in other ways. lol) I realized about the time that I got this pattern that the dragon had an impish and mischievious look to him. That reminded me of my friend. Then I realized that they both have blue eyes and both like tea, so Bob it is. I told my friend this story after showing him my progress and he didn't seem to mind the dragon being named after him.

Page 10

Full Piece


The pattern was charted by Heaven and Earth Designs and you can see the picture of it here. This pattern was RAKed to me by Melissa Hicks.

Happy Stitching and Valentines!