I have finished with page 8 on High Tea by Randal Spangler and charted by Heaven and Earth Designs (http://heavenandearthdesigns.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=160_344&products_id=7557&zenid=7235180058954a063ea461e873584a59). In fact, I finished the page late last night or early this morning.

I decided that I would post a picture of what I look at when I am stitching.

I use a frame called a Q-Snap to hold my material somewhat tightly as I am stitching. The snaps that hold the material on the frame do stretch over time, but I just tighten them from time to time to take out the slack. The printed material that is over my frame and stitching material is called a Huggie or a Grime Guard. There is lots of extra material and the material can get dirty over time from oils from my hands, snacks and foods that get dropped or other things that the material rubs against. So I roll up the extra material and shove it into the Grime Guard. It is much cleaner now than when I just held it loose while it was attached to the frame.

Picture two is a picture showing what the whole piece looks like with the addition of page 8.

Picture three is the back view of my progress to date.

I have may have gotten a little further on Noah's Ark. I have gotten more of the water surrounding the boat on the bottom right side of the piece done, but haven't taken a picture of it.

Happy Stitching!