Well, I am going to retry doing this (blogging) again, at least once in a while when I have a stitching update. I am also going to try to keep them (my posts) brief. So here I go:

On July 22, I finished page 5, and the top row, of Randal Spangler's High Tea from Heaven and Earth Designs (www.heavenandearthdesigns.com). I t was a partial page, about half of a regular page. I am quite excited that that top row is done. But I am more excited with the fact that I will be printing page 7 tonight, as I am really close to a page finish on page 6. This is a gift (RAK=Randon Act of Kindness) from Mel Hicks, an online acquaintance, that I started on Feb. 18, 2013. Here is the picture. Please click on it for a bigger picture.
High Tea Pg 5 7-22-16 with Text
You can find other progress pictures in my photo album here.

Happy Stitching and Hugs!