Okay, I am thinking this might be a long entry, again, so you may want to get yourself settled in. The length might end up being a result of the number of pictures I include, but we will have to see.

First up, as I am writing this, I am waiting for some laundry to finish, so that I can finally get all of my stuff together to "move" home. I got my car back today and will be leaving my parents in a bit. I also have to walk the dog before I leave. What ended up being wrong with my car was that the heater core had gone. I also figured while the car was in being fixed for that I would get my car looked at and the necessary repairs done for its yearly inspection. Where I live, a car has to be looked at by a mechanic every year to verify it is in good working condition. If it is not, a good inspection sticker cannot be put on until repairs are completed. I know in other places, an inspection is done when a vehicle is bought and that is it. So all work, expect some body work, is done. The body work will be done, hopefully, next week and then my car will be ready for its new inspection sticker. Anyway, on to the stitching which is what most of you read this blog for.

Part two of the Around the World in 80 Stitches (80 Stitches) Stitch-A-Long (SAL) came out around May 20, 2012. I was very excited to get it and I believe I started stitching the outline of the first of the two tulips right after I printed the pattern off. While I found that the first part stitched up very quickly, I found that that was not the case for the second part. I think the pattern was fairly easy to stitch. The problem was that I had a huge major case of the frogs. (Thanks, Melissa J! Click here to read the May 20th entry on Melissa's blog for the reason that I am thanking her. The part I am referring to is probably half way down her entry where she is talking about this SAL.)

Before I go any farther, I want to explain for those who don't stitch what I am referring to when I say that I had "a case of the frogs". In stitching, when someone is pulling out threads so a mistake can be corrected, whether the mistake is big or small, near or further back, it is called frogging. The reason is that the person is having to "rip it, rip it" which sounds very similar to the sound a frog makes "ribbit, ribbit". Thus the reason we stitchers call pulling out threads "frogging" or having "a case of the frogs". BTW, Melissa, you are more than welcome to have these frogs do a return visit!

So with all of the ripping out I had to do, it took me longer than I expected to do this part, but it is completed and I am quite please with how it turned out. The colour scheme did not happen as charted due to me not paying attention when selecting a colour in the first tulip. Then when I looked at how some of the colours were going to go together in the second tulip, I decided to change them to mimic the colour layout in the first one. Also, we were suppose to use white perle cotton for the two larger sections with the Hardanger and Mordvinian stitches, but I thought that the white would look too stark next to the other colours. So I choose DMC 340, a purple, #8 perle cotton for the Hardanger and the yellow and orange flosses for the Mordivian, since I didn't have a #12 perle cotton in the 340 purple colour. Anyway, here are the pictures of part two and the close ups of each tulip.

Around the World in 80 Stitches SAL, part 2 by Yvonne Horne, Papillon Creations

Tulip 1

Tulip 2

Now that I have added the purple perle cotton into the mix, the picture below shows all the colours in my 80 Stitches including the metallic which is DMC's Light Effects Floss, Jewel Tones series, called Gemstones.

So those are my colours and progress for this project. Overall, I am pleased with how it is coming along. It will be interesting to see what the next part holds, expecially when it comes to the colours part. I am not 100% sold on the yellow and the orange, and my Mom is definitely not a fan of those two colours being in the mix, but they are there and I will continue to stitch with them in my palette.

Next for an update is my Work in Progress (WIP). It is the Hardanger piece that I am doing on green fabric. Here is a picture of it as of June 4, 2012.

I am further along on this than the picture shows as I having been stitching on it since the picture was taken. The perle cotton that is shown in the picture is #5 and #8 in DMC 437. This will be an accent colour as well as the colour that I use for the weaving and the webs that will be in the diamond shapes. Not only did the frogs attack 80 Stitches, but they also visited this piece. (Again, Melissa J., I am happy to direct them your way again! ) Here is a picture from the second frogging session I ended up having with the third diamond that I was working on. I think it looks really pretty.

The little Vs were formed after I cut, with scissors, the kloster blocks that needed to be taken out due to one of them being one stitch short. I was not in the mood to again pull each individual stitch out! If a designer could ever come up with a way to include this in a design, I think it would add a nice little touch. My opinion only!

In a couple of weeks, Abi Gurden of The Stitch Specialists (TSS) Yahoo group and Bee's Needlework will be releasing a new SAL. It is a Hardanger piece that is called Confetti of Hardanger. I will be joining up for this and will be adding it to my mini-rotation. I don't normally have a rotation because I don't normally have more than one project on the go at a time. However, this will make three projects on the go at the same time, so I am saying that I have a mini-rotation. If you are wondering what a rotation is, please send me a note and I will explain it to you. Anyway, here is a picture of the supplies that I have bought to do this piece.

The material is 28 ct Angel Blush Lugana. The Watercolours is Ambrosia. This will be the main colour. #5 Perle Cotton in DMC 3052 (green) and #8 Perle Cotton in DMC 3867 (rose) will be used for accent colours. I will pass along more information when I have it.

One of the things that I have as a result of all of the stitching I have done is Orts.
www.dictionary.com defines an ort as "a scrap or morsel of food left at a meal". However, when referred to in stitching circles, it is "a scrap or morsel of thread that is cut off at the end of said thread being used in stitching." Or something there abouts. Anyway, I have a lot of them and, years ago, a friend of mine showed me a creative way to use those orts.

Ort side 1 - Regular floss and metallic leftovers

Ort side 2 - Perle Cotton leftovers

These "Ort Hearts" can be used as ornaments on a tree or just used as a pretty accent for a room. The above pictures show one Ort Heart in which I put different orts in each half of the plastic heart. I think you should be able to get these hearts, and there are also plastic balls, at your local hobby shop. Anyway, just thought I would put this up for people who might actually want to do something with their orts besides throw them out.

Okay, I think I am talked out for now, so I think I will say bye for now.

Happy Stitching!