Okay, I am going to give you all a warning. You might like to get your favourite beverage and settle in as I think this is going to be a long entry.

Firstly is an update on my health. After coming down with two sinus infections/colds in six weeks, I believe I am back in good health. I still have a bit of a cough, but I am wondering if that is related to allergies. I will have to talk to my doc about that when I see him next.
Although my health issues have resolved themselves, my car has now decided
to die. On Wednesday night, all of the anti-freeze in my car leaked out all over my parents' driveway. Not only was I not impressed, my mom was not happy. I had the car towed to a service station today to see what is wrong with it. There are some other issues that I am going to have the mechanic look at to see what it will cost me to get it running properly again. In the meantime, I am looking for another car. I thought I may have found one for $1,200, but the mechanic who looked at it for me thought that there would be $1,000 to $1,500 worth of work that will need to be done on it. I decided not to take it.

Now to the stitching. I finished Elegant Roses on May 1, 2012 and am really pleased with how it turned out. I did find out this past weekend that the 28 ct Jelly Bean Lugana that I stitched it on is a hand-dyed fabric that is from the now defunct Sugar Maple Fabrics. Here is the picture of it before I started backstitching and the picture of the completed piece.

Before backstitching


I am now working on two projects. One is Around the World in 80 Stitches (80 Stitches) and the other is a Hardanger piece.

80 Stitches is a pattern that is a two year long Mystery Stitch-A-Long (SAL) by Yvonne Horn of Papillon Creations. I talked about this in my last post, so if you would like more information on it, check out the post or go to the Papillon Creations site.

I ended up selecting the second set of colours that I was trying to choose between. The deciding factor was the metallic that I picked. I had some other threads that I thought might be possibilities, but it was the metallic that I chose that stood out. None of the other threads caused a reaction, so I decided on the metallic with the second set of colours. I forgot to take a picture of the metallic with the DMC that I am using, but here is a picture of the DMC colours again.

I have completed the first part of 80 Stitches and am anxiously waiting for the second part to come out. I am including pictures of the first part and close ups of the two individual hearts.

Around the World in 80 Stitches SAL, part 1 by Yvonne Horn, Papillon Creations

Heart 1

Heart 2

In between the parts for 80 Stitches, I am working on my next Work In Progress (WIP) piece. It is a Hardanger design from Tomorrow's Heirlooms in Hardanger Embroidery by Earlene Dobberpuhl. It was published through Nordic Needle in 1991, but does not appear to be available on their site. It may be out of print, so you may have to try a site like E-Bay in order to track it down if you would like to purchase it. The following pictures include the fabric, thread and design.

Fabric - 28 ct Green Dusty (Lugana, I think)

Thread - Watercolours by Caron, Mardi Gras

I will also being using #5 & #8 Perle Cottons in DMC 437, no picture

Fabric, Watercolours & Pattern

I have made a start on this piece, but I don't have a picture to show off.

Every year, the Lady Slipper Needle Arts Guild (LSNAG) holds a retreat that many stitchers, not only from this guild, but also guilds in the region, attend. It is held the first weekend of May and is a time that is enjoyed by all. I used to be a member of LSNAG, but with them meeting on Tuesday nights and with me working most Tuesday nights, I am unable to attend, but I still like to visit the retreat to see people I only usually see once a year. Also, when asked, my local needleshop (LNS) brings their "shop" to the retreat, so that people can see what is new and that purchases can be made. I did a little shopping, picking up my 437 #8 Perle Cotton and a couple of patterns and putting in an order for materials for another Hardanger piece that I will be starting in a couple of months. The scary thing about the order is that most of the materials, except for a Watercolours thread that I found at the "shop", will be selected by the staff of my LNS. One of the ladies there picked out the colours for my Tranquil Dreams and she did a really good job. I also found some items to add to a wishlist that I am compiling. Here are some pictures of the scenery near where the retreat takes place.

Well, if you have made it this far, I have to congratulate you as this has been a long post. One other thing that I wanted to mention is that Abi Gurden, owner of The Stitch Specialist yahoo group and designer extraordinaire, has set up a website to start selling her designs. You can find it at
www.beesneedleworks.co.uk/. Please check it out to see some of the wonderful pieces that Abi, also know as Bee, has designed.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. If you are unable to or if you would rather, please send me an e-mail.

Thanks for looking and Happy Stitching!

Spud :o)