Well, it has been a little bit since I have done a stitching update. So here is what I have been up to.

The piece that I was working on in my last entry is now done as far as I am able to without, essentially, a wedding date. The piece is Precious Moments' I Give You My Love (IGYML). My last update (
here) on it didn't include a picture. So here is a picture of my progress up to February 20, 2012. Since then, I have completed the trellis (satin stitch), flowers and leaves around the couple as well as all of the backstitching that I can. You can see the progress picture here. I still have to stitch, and backstitch, the Groom's hair; stitch their names and the wedding date; and stitch on the beads. I don't think it should take that long to complete it once my niece and her fiancee, for whom I am doing it, decide on getting married. I am from a traditional family and my parents and I would really like to see this happen, preferably sooner than later.

Since I have done as much on IGYML as I can, I have moved it to being an UnFinished Object (UFO) and have moved Elegant Roses back to my Work In Progress (WIP) piece. I was uncertain as to how I would feel working on this piece again, but I am really enjoying it. I am using
Vicki Clayton's silk threads and they are a joy to work with, as long as my hands are not too dry. When they are, I find that my skin will snag the thread I am working with and, at times, pull the thread right out of the needle. Frustrating!!! But with winter seemingly being pushed to the background, this shouldn't be a problem again for a while. Anyway, I have gotten a lot done on this piece since I started working on it again on March 1, 2012. You can see the picture of it here. I actually got a lot of the progress on this done during this past weekend. I ended up not going to work on Friday, Saturday and Monday due to having a bad sinus infection, so I stitched a lot on Saturday and then again on Sunday.

In another update, I talked about a sampler-type piece that I have made for my material grandmother. This is the one that includes all of the names of her great grandchildren. On Boxing Day, I added the patch for the most recent Great Grand to her piece and took a couple of pictures of it.
Here is a close up of the section where I added the patch. And here is a picture of the full piece as it hangs on her wall. I think my grandmother was quite pleased with the addition, especially since the Great Grand is now two years old.

I came up with this design after a request from her to add the Great Grandchildren to the piece that I had stitched with the names of the Grandchildren on it. I told you I would take a picture of it when I visited with her over the Christmas holidays. You can find the picture of Grandchildren Are a Bridge to Heaven that I stitched for her

Just to give you some background on my family, my grandparents had six children (five girls, one boy, of which my mother is the oldest). Their kids had 12 offspring who have now given my grandmother 15 Great Grandchildren. My brother's daughters have given her three Great Great Grands (one girl, two boys), which I have told her I am not adding to her "tree". lol I still have cousins who have not had any children yet, that I would expect would do so in the future.

One last thing that I would like to let you know about is a pattern that I do not plan to stitch that I would like to give away . It is called Rendezvous Paris and is from
The Silver Lining. Here is the picture:

I received this pattern when I ordered five rose
patterns from them after having received a re-homed pattern from Deb in Texas. If you would like it, please let me know. If more than one person asks for it, I will draw a name next Sunday, April 1, 2012 and send it to that person.

For those who would like to know, I think I am going to stitch these roses on an afghan, likely Anne Cloth. I will need to get a couple of more patterns to complete the design as I am envisioning it so this will be a project that I will work on down the road.

Anyway, feel free to leave comments. It is always nice to hear what people think of my blog and work.