Well, this winter has been a fairly mild and calm one, in my area. There has been more rain than snow and more warm temps than cold. That, however, changed last night.

We had a classic nor'easter with rain, freezing rain/ice pellets, snow and high winds. Where I live on the East Coast of Canada, we received anywhere from 20 cm (8") to 40+ cm (16"+) of snow and the winds were gusting over 80 km/h (50 mph), according to reports. It was a very good night to be inside let me say, but I didn't manage to stay inside for some of the freezing rain/ice pellet part. The dog needed to be walked.

Instead of listening to my gut, I listened to my parents (not a bad thing, normally) and headed out into the "clear" night, according to them. The walk going wasn't too bad as most of the weather was to my back. Coming home was another matter all together as I was headed northish, the direction from which the wind was blowing. This meant that the freezing rain/ice pellets were coming at me head on. I am glad that I decided to wear a peaked hat (i.e. a baseball cap) as that prevented most of the pellets from hitting my face when I kept my head down.

The next day, my parents went out around lunch time to dig their vehicles out and clean them off. They do have someone who blows the driveway out for them and he had done his job. I followed a little bit later to do my own, which ended up not being too bad of a job, despite the mixed layer of ice and snow. The pictures below show what it looked like outside when I went out to clean my car off.

My mom took a picture of this window box with her camera and I thought it was so pretty that I took one with mine. It is decorated for Christmas and winter.
This is a view looking toward the highway from my parents' back porch.

Side of House
The other end of my parents' home faces the north, so whenever there is a major storm, especially with northish winds, there tends to be a lot of snow that gathers in the driveway area. This is a picture of the lane after it had been blown out and my parents had dug out the vehicles.

The front yard tends to get a lot of snow due to drifting. There have been times when the pile of snow on the side of the walkway away from the house is difficult to see over. Which means that the poor dog has problems seeing out of the front window. Speaking of the dog, here are some pictures from when I had Bambi out after I cleaned my car off.

Here is Bambi looking longingly at the road because she wants to go/thinks she is going for a walk.

Bambi 2
Looking around the neighbourhood.
"Oh, what's that?", she says.

Bambi 4
Chillaxin' in the snow. I think she was considering rolling in the snow which I was trying to get her to do, but didn't quite get there. I wanted to get a picture of her making "snow angels", but neither she nor my camera cooperated. Can you see the snow on Bambi's nose? She will sometimes burying her head in the snow, almost up to her ears, in order to smell what is in the snow or under it. It is really funny to see. Also, sometimes when she is getting ready to roll in the snow, she will run her nose in the snow which makes her look like an otter. It is really cute and funny, but hard to describe.

Bambi 5
I just had to include this one because I think these types of pictures are cute. Sorry it is fuzzy. It was taken when she was checking out my camera.

Anyway, need to get my lunch together for work tomorrow and get into bed early. Take care and I hope you survive the storms in your lives as they happen to come along.