With this update, you will find that I have completed my Butterfly & Daisies piece. I put the last stitches in it on Friday, November 25. This was a piece given to me by my parents last Christmas, so I am glad that I was able to get it done before this Christmas. I did have a period of time when I had lost my stitching mojo, but I regained it after joining a yahoo stitching group. You can find my finished picture here.

One of the other stitching things that I wanted to get done before Christmas, which I did on Monday, November 28, is a patch for the last great grandchild to enter into my maternal grandmother’s family. Years ago, I had done a piece called “Grandchildren are a Bridge to Heaven” for my grandmother that perfectly fit the nine grandchildren she has. You can find a link to the pattern here. At some point after giving it to her, she asked me to do some sort of “add on” for the great grandchildren, which I had actually thought of doing. I have two pictures of the piece I put together which you can find here: Picture 1 and Picture 2. You can see a picture of the latest patch here. The set up is the child’s first name, last name, birth date and parents’ names.

I had mentioned previously that I was wanted to get started on a piece to give to my younger niece as a wedding gift. The wedding was suppose to be in July 2012, but, apparently, has been put on hold as her future in-laws are wanting a big wedding. My niece does not want that because all of her family, me included, are on the east coast of Canada and they live in Alberta. So while this is the case, I have started her wedding present and I will complete it, except for the name and wedding date, before moving back to Elegant Roses.

The piece I have chosen to do for her is a Precious Moments Wedding Sampler that was in the June 1999 issue of The Cross Stitcher. It is called I Give You My Love, Forever True, which I am shortening to IGYML, and you can find the picture from the magazine here. The fabric that I am using is a 32 ct piece called Lavender Bliss. It is not a hand-dyed fabric. I made a nice bit of progress last week on it and you can see the picture here. I have always enjoyed doing Precious Moments patterns as they tend to have large chucks of colour in them which makes them quick to stitch up.

One other note about this project is that I have, for the first time, gotten all brand new thread to start stitching it with. I typically use the floss I have on hand that have not run out before buying new skeins. The thread I am using is DMC and the pattern also calls for DMC #8 Perle Cotton in Bright White (B5200) which I bought on my last trip to my LNS which is two hours away. The only other supply I need is Mill Hill beads in Crystal (00161) which goes on the edge of the bride’s gown.

My last note for today is about a pair of mittens that I have started to knit. In a previous note, I mentioned that I had been wanting to make some from a book called Folk Mittens that I had “borrowed” from the library. Well, when I bought the floss for IGYML, I picked up yarns to trying making a pair of Houndstooth Double-Knit Mittens. The pattern picture is here. You can see the colours that I chose here. They are supposed to be really warm as they are essentially two mittens in one that you knit at the same time. Air is supposed to be trapped between the two layers which causes them to be really warm. In the past five years or so, I have found that I have been having problems with cold hands when outside in the winter. I am hoping that these will help with that issue some. BTW, Houndstooth is the pattern and the mitts are knit with two strands of yarn. I had some difficulty figuring out how to start them, but, with the help of the internet, I was able to get going on them. You can see pictures of my start here: In and Out. A picture of completed double-knit mittens, not the ones I am making, from the internet is here. This is the 2knitwits blog, so make sure you scroll down a bit.

One last thing: I love that people leave comments. I would ask, however, if you want to comment on something from the Newly Posted album that you leave your note on the picture, please, not the album. I use this album for pictures I have just posted and, on subsequent updates, move them to their permanent folder(s). Thanks!

That is it for now. Happy Stitching!!!