I don't feel very chatty today, so this will likely be a short note.

On Butterfly & Daisies, I completed the half-stitches and the rest of the crosstitches that I needed to finish from running out of thread, as well as the ones that I missed along the way, on Wednesday (Nov. 16, 2011). I have also done about a third of the backstitching on this piece. You can find the progress picture that I took before starting the backstitching here.

I have also posted pictures of a BAP (Big Ambitious Project or Big A** Project) piece that I did. This one fits in the first category, not the latter, as the size of the design is small compared to most. It is from Golden Kite and is called Sundowner Rose. And, yes, the entire design area is stitched. Golden Kite converts paintings and pictures into crosstitch patterns and are very detailed with many patterns using A LOT of blended thread. Sundowner Rose is their freebie. You can find the pictures here.