Well, I have made some progress on my Butterfly & Daisies piece. On Monday night, I finished all the crosstitching on this piece, except for a colour in the "Daisies" that I ran out of.

Unfortunately, I read the floss list wrong, actually made an assumption, and stitched all of my crosstitches with two strands, which is generally the norm. Two of the colours actually were supposed to be stitched with one strand only and, as a result, I ran out of one of the colours. Fortunately for me, it is a Dimensions kit and, if you run out of a colour, you can request more thread from them, which I have done. I got a reply back from them on October 21st that it would be three to four weeks for the thread to come in the mail. You can find the progress picture in the WIP - Butterfly & Daisies folder.

In the mean time, I have started the half-stitch shading on this piece. This will likely take me a while as there are almost as many half-stitches, I think, has crosstitches. ;o)

Also, in the Knitting folder, I have uploaded a couple of pictures of a hoodie and a matching hat that I knit as a Christmas gift that I gave to my Great-Niece in 2006. I really enjoyed doing this set for her.

That's it for now. Enjoy until next time and hope you get to put in lots of stitches!