I’ve decided that along with showing pictures of my stitching and, perhaps, of Bambi, I will include some pictures of things that I have knit. Now, mind you, I think I only have pictures taken of one afghan that I did awhile back. I do love to knit, but tend to stitch more than knit. I am really wanting to do some mittens that I found in a book from the library called Folk Mittens, so I may post some progress pictures of them, if I get around to doing them. Anyway, you can find the picture of the afghan and close ups of the details here.

I said in my last post that I would include some more information on the Roses piece I am doing. The pattern is from the July 1994 issue of For the Love of Cross Stitch. The pattern is actually called Elegant Roses and was designed by Barbara Core. The fabric that I am using is a 28 count Lugana called Jelly Bean. I am thinking that the fabric might have come from a Canadian company called Sugar Maple Fabrics, which is now closed, but am not sure.

BTW, Butterfly & Daisies is stitched on a 14 count Aida. I think I said previously that I mostly stitch on linen/evenweave, but I don’t actually mind stitching on Aida. The quarter and three-quarter stitches are definitely easier on linen, but I found using a sharp needle helps doing those stitches on the Aida cloth.

I had someone ask me about the piece in my album called Sweetheart Roses. It is a crosstitching and hardanger piece from the Stoney Creek book called Stitched Elegance: Enhanced with Hardanger. It is book 140 in their collection. I had a look at their website and it appears that this book is no longer available. It was published in 1995. I checked online to see if I could find the pattern, but I couldn’t.

I think that is it for now. Have a good one!