Some Kink Of Slum
To "My Kind Of Town" as sung by Frank Sinatra

Now this should never happen to a dog you see
Things only happen in a town like this
Before I say to each of you so carefully
As I give to all of you this diss

It's some kind of slum...Chicago is
Some kind of scum...Chicago is
The kind of people who
Outgun the rest of you...

The Blackhawks at home...Chicago lost
Same on the road...Chicago lost
Their power play is run by clowns
We're leaving their town...

Kings lead a team...Chicago is
To lose it seems...Chicago is
All kinds of fish dinners
Should have ordered the steak

And each time we leave...Chicago lost
Goalie's a sieve...Chicago lost
The daily murders...Chicago are
Shot before you're in sight...Chicago is
One town always lets you down...
It's some kind of slum...

© Ludmental Publishing Corps