Give It Away
(To the song of the same name by George Strait)

Sharks were leadin' us three games to none
And I could tell The Kings seething
And I thought, aw, we'll come back
Make a turnaround historic as it well may seem

That game four win sure made us swoon
Yet said in Frisco Bay
They gave it away
Those bums gave it away
And that game four six-three King sized win
Where Staples legends start
Sharks give it away
Kings win...Sharks give it away

Sharks gave it away
There ain't nothing sweeter than that shutout over
That team that chokes and folds in every single way
Yeah...they gave it away

Yet I felt in my heart
That history's truly in the making
Just anything to rid of Jose

And now game six swung wide open
They sighed on Williams goal
Sharks gave it away
They gave it away
Media said the Kings will not ever win
Wrong side of history
Said Sharks gave it away
They gave it away

They gave it away
There ain't nothin' sweeter than seeing Sharks fan's tears
When they gave it away

So now our Doty and Kopidor
Along with all the other guys
Toffoli and Cap'n Crunch
Hmmm...even Pearson got on in the act
That night in San Jose
Where they gave it away
They claimed they choked it away
And those big four come back Kings style wins
Where all our love was there
Seeing Sharks choke it away
Well they can't give THAT away

We've got an appointment with some damn ducks
And San Jose playing golf
Sweet way we can't give those away...

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