The song was stuck in my head for quite a while...and I finally put the finishing touches to it... Since the net was out for some strange reason for four days...I couldn't post this sooner...

We Blew By You
To "Blue Bayou"

Games one and two
The luck truly blew
Gave them security too
Not knowing our Kings were going to blow by you

Silver cups shine like a dime
Kiss it when the sun don't shine
Looking forward to another time...
We blew by you

Lord Stanley's back this way
He did say
To blow by you
Three other teams stay
To obstuct our way
To blow by you

All those flailing clubs
Slice and hook their flubs
If they could only see
Lord Staney's Cup to rise
Through winner's eyes
How happy they'd be

Let's go and win the Cup again
And give toast to some of our friends
Maybe the time passes and it blew by you

We're going back this way
Champs we'll stay
And blow by you
Where the girls are fine
And the world's divine
To blow by you

Redhead from Heaven by my side
The silver Cup and the wild raising tide
On some sweet day
The Kings take away
All the pain inside
We'll never be blue
Our dreams came true
We blew by you...

© 2013 Ludmental Publishing Corps