Corsican code ky codes are part of life always better or any form of life living came from a code, the DNA. Staying in topic artistic, I find that the Egyptian hieroglyphs are an eloquent example of how the codes take the dual function of being decorative (see monuments and places funeral) and documentativi (thanks to them today not only know the names of important but Pharaohs too much of their history). In the search for a new style, what could distingermi and give originality to my work was the use of a code, because of signs appropriately designed to be read ccome a writing, but keep the artistic side. After many attempts finally the code I had structured the characteristics that I set, namely speed learning on the part of those notes. In the early 90 the first code Works in painting, but was mistaken for abstraction and nobody seemed much interested. In early 2000 the turning point. Realizzai my first job in wood and carved bas-relief characters of the code, ovvviamente not procuro 'interest in the signs and the same code, but that PANEL (represented in the collection feedback my photos) was the first step in bringing the people at my work. In the second work, THE TABLE, (the table the elaborai second thought to be mentioned in a future article) the interest among my friends and acquaintances was un'anime, the table was not only respected, but many of them touched the surfaces, that instinctive gesture to caress the work that made me reflect on how to see the blind, as we see with our eyes the world around us they see him with the touch, enough that they learn the code and the game was Indeed, could read my works, but now realizzai that if you were able to read and write well could I write concepento a work of art and then if voglino can their produce art, from that moment my interest focused upon their apportai some modifications to the original code called CODE KY, and I suggested to the leaders of a school for Czechs, they agreed to experiment with the use of the code even if all the institute Middle School for the Blind in Turin there it was only a student but I hypo visual enough to see the potential learning course was also involved sighted one of the primary purposes of the Code and the interaction between the two actually human dialogue that can now artistically, using the same language. The results you have in the works exhibited at my site to try to understand what are those of a disability .-