Once upon a time, there was a hamster named Mal. He had a keen eye and an adventurous spirit… and he liked shiny things… Oh how he loved the shiny…

One evening, as he was walking over to his wheel, Mal glanced up into the sky and saw a bright and shining star.


"Ooo… Shiny. I want that," Mal thought.

So, Mal tried to think of ways to get to the star…

He thought maybe if he grinned at the star long enough, the star would come to him:

Unfortunately, the star wasn’t interested in grins…

Mal tried asking low-flying aliens if they could give him a ride:

"Can a hammie get a lift?"

But they were only interested in abductions. If the hamster wasn’t asleep or drunk, well… It just wasn’t worth it. (Luckily, our hammie-hero doesn’t drink and is nocturnal.)

Finally, Mal realized he needed help. He went to see the Great and Powerful Space Duck:

"Great and powerful Space Duck! I am but a humble hamster with a dream… A shiny, shiny dream… Will you help a hammie get his star?"

Space Duck was an alright kind of duck and decided to help Mal.

"The key," Space Duck said...

"...is broccoli... and a spaceship."

Mal was elated. "I knew it!" he cried.

"And you shall be known as Space Ranger Mal!" Space Duck proclaimed with great fanfare.

"Ok.... I'll be in the produce aisle," said Mal.

So, while Space Duck went to work fashioning a spaceship for the hamster, Mal began shoveling all of the broccoli he could find into his cheek pouches.

Just when Mal thought he couldn't stuff in any more broccoli, he hit critical mass.


He jumped in the pink (pink?!) spaceship Space Duck had made for him and he was off!

Mal, overjoyed, flew straight to the shiny star, plucked it from the sky and brought it back home to Earth. The re-entrance into Earth's atmosphere baked the star to a golden brown... and it was delicious...

And that, friends, is the completely true and accurate story of how Mal became Space Ranger Mal. : )

Have a great weekend! : )