Hey guys,


Have any of you heard of a ball being bad for a hamster, in general? I mean, I know you should have a large enough ball and not let them fall down stairs or get kicked around, etc… But just being in a ball in general? I don’t think it’s bad for a hamster. Mal seems to like being able to explore my apartment on his own. If he’s not into rolling, he just sits in the ball and grooms himself (my signal to take him out)… and when he’s rolling, I keep an eye on him and don’t let him get stuck anywhere or stay in for too long.


I have a video of Mal running in his ball uploaded to youtube and I have recently received comments from a person who is telling me that running in a ball is bad and painful for a hamster (he’s also calling me nasty names, but I’ll keep this civil).


Does this guy have a point, or is he just being a jerk?


I’m just curious about what other people think of this.