Yep. 30. The big three-oh. This Sunday. I’m excited. Yay for birthdays! (You see, I enjoy birthdays because I view age as just a number. It doesn't bother me. I may be turning 30, but inside, I feel about 25-ish.)


The week leading up to it is very busy, but it’s ok. As long as I know I’ve got a Steven-made omlette waiting for me the morning of the 7th, I’ll make it through. : )


Let’s see:

Tonight: Prepare 30 EPs for our gig on Thursday

Wednesday: Taking off early from work for an appt, then date night.

Thursday: Gig at Davey’s

Friday: Audition

Saturday: Heading to Salina for my friend’s wedding.

Sunday: Birthday omlette and dinner at Blue Koi… maybe some putt putt golf…

Monday: Sleep! (bank holiday=no work… yay!)


Busy, busy, busy…