Grown up apart but drawn together
finding nothing that makes us weather
we will grow old you see
that's the destiny of you and me

imagine the first time our eyes will meet
hearing your voice so soft and sweet
imagine every passing day
when i pull you back my way

imagine our hands clasped so tight
dreaming under the stars of night
imagine the first time our lips will meet
only parted by passions treat

imagine the day we say " I do"
everyday after so bright and new
imagine our very first slow dance
showing off our soft romance

imagine our first time making love
our hearts beating side by side
Forever singing our lullaby

when everything is exactly like it means
I'll be tugging at your jeans

imagine our first child opening their eyes
this is our true love bitten world
imagine the looks you'll send my way
once we're truly " home" to stay

imagine once broken hearts, clouded by such misery
I thank god there is you and me

imagine us together far away, together forever we will stay
I'll never throw your love away
Imagine i whisper in your ear
" I will always love you dear