Woo. Got my stuff moved over here, finally. (Yay set importer script!). It is not a permanent move. I'm just going to post and follow here as well, since some of my contacts moved here from Flickr. I'm likely going to be more active on Flickr, but I see a lot here that I like. Like these article thingies! :D I need to look around and play with things to learn how to use it better.

I usually only upload one photo at a time on Flickr, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue to upload here too, since I've got the importer scripts installed. It seems like I'd just have to come here just to add it to the album in belongs in, since the script doesn't keep that information (would be great if it did!). I'll also be posting on Tumblr, mainly photos.

Places you can find me?