Due to various upsets in my life recently, i decided i needed to cheer myself up a bit. So i thought what would be for the best? Aha! A new camera

I've been thinking for a while that i could do with a decent digital compact camera. I've missed so many photos as i didn't have a small camera to put in my pocket, not just the artistic type, but many that have no interest to anyone but myself. So i started looking around at the best for my needs. Most of my computer time for about 3 weeks was spent reading reviews, and when i had the chance i tried out a few of the cameras that interested me. Finally, after trying out my friend Gary's Canon G9, i decided it was probably the one for me.

I searched the Internet for a decent deal and ordered one. I also ordered a 2GB SD card for it from another retailer. The camera was dispatched, but it turned out the SD card was out of stock so the order was canceled. Now i think it would be useful if availability was updated regularly so as to prevent this problem as i then had to find another retailer to get the card from. 2 days later and i was informed that the 2nd retailer was also out of stock. AAAAGGHHHHH!!!! By then i had a camera with only the Canon 32MB card (shooting in RAW this gave only 2 photos, and only 9 if shooting in high quality jpeg). Luckily for me, Gary offered to loan me a spare 1GB card he had, so at least i could have a proper play with the camera. Fortunately the 3rd retailer i tried did have the card in stock, and it arrived today (hooorraayyy!)

Well, after just a few days with the camera i realise that it's going to take a long time to work out just what it does. Gary is going to write a blog on another site so as to let people know what he's discovered. I think that's going to be very useful. At the moment I'm a bit confused with some it's capabilities, and to honest I'm just a little bit in awe of what Canon have offered with this little camera . In some ways it outstrips my SLR (Canon 400D) which is a bit of a shock. Obviously it will never replace an SLR as there are certain deficiencies that are inherent with any compact camera, but it looks like it's an excellent tool to work alongside the 400D.

Although the G9 has 12MP crammed into the small sensor, image quality seems excellent. There is a problem with noise at the higher ISO settings, but it seems to compare well with other similar cameras. I've just been loading photos onto the computer, and the quality looks pretty damned good. I've seen prints up to A3 size (very good), and apparently it's good up to A2, so it should be good enough for all my needs.

Anyway, I'll be putting some photos from the G9 on here during the week. All of which would have been missed without it due to not being able to carry an SLR with lenses around all the time.

Purple T