I was a university professor for 34 years. I earned a PhD in Environmental Science from Rutgers University in the 60's. One of the topics I taught and studied during those years was the impact of human activity on climate change.

As I have transitioned from chemistry, physics and mathematics to the art of seeing, I have documented some of the impacts on my small patch of our planet. Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod have an ecologically important but fragile coastline that has become increasingly threaten by changes in the frequency and severity of storms.

Some of the shorefront has been subject to unrelenting real estate development. I can't say that I have a lot of sympathy for the bureaucrats who allow and the people who build on the edge of the sea.

The extensive seawall constructed in front of this home was no match for the waves generated by storm "Sandy"

Prime Real Estate???

For Sale - On Outer Cape Cod

Direct exposure to the Atlantic - Outer Cape Cod

To me, one of the most significant consequences of precipitous climate change is the threat to the integrity of the salt marshes of Cape Cod. Mainly protected by barrier beaches, they are the incubators for a wide variety of species.

The dunes along this beach were breached a few months ago - A significant area of this marsh has been filled in.