I kind of abandoned DoA because I enjoy more looking at the flow of images from Flickr, which was an inspiration for me. I love Lati dolls and Flickr was a constant source of excitement everyday. I was eager to drop in and see what my contacts had in place for me. Sadly, with the new layout it feels like a slap in my face. I go back there every now and then to check some contacts who are still there. Unfortunately, the majority of uploads on Flickr are now for Blythe dolls which I have never managed to get into. On the other side, I am getting more and more used to ipernity, but still not many people have made the final move here, so I feel like I am hanging in a limbo, not here not there. I definetely like ipernity better, the layout is so simple to use and I feel I am in control of what I am doing. I only wish more people will come and join here.