Yesterday was probably the most chilled Christmas of my entire life.   Just my husband and I, and our friend, Sandy, who came over for a few hours (she's South African and didn't go home this year). 

Problem is at the moment - I'm always SO tired.  I fell asleep three times yesterday, and I didn't eat that much either.  I just can't get enough sleep, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it just means that I'm not much company!

Still - I was tremendously spoilt yesterday.  I told everyone that I didn't want presents, if they wanted to buy me something they could add to my 'new camera' fund ... and my father in law and my husband did just that! I'm now well on the way to getting my Sony A700.  M (my husband) said that if I hadn't saved the rest of the cash he'd pay the other half for my birthday in May - however now that I'm well on my way I think I'm going to just save like crazy to get the rest!

I did get a couple of pressies to unwrap though.  My brother and sister in law got me the remastered CD and DVD of 'Songs of Faith and Devotion' by Depeche Mode and my sister's ex-husband got me a book on Surreal Photoshop effects.  HURRAH! Right - my blog is going weird now - making it difficult to type.

More later ... blah!